Vehicle Registration

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Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Registration

After 30 years in the non-standard auto insurance industry, we’ve learned a few things about the customer we insure. First, they are usually unfamiliar with the business of insurance, and thus, they are not always prepared to provide you, our producers, all the necessary documents at the time of purchase, like a current vehicle registration.

Secondly, when a vehicle registration is provided, it might be from out of state, be expired or have a registered owner name not associated with the policy. Lastly, we often receive applications in which there are multiple vehicles, and all with different registered owner names. Sorting out all the registered owner names on multiple vehicles and household members can get complicated and leads to many questions for our underwriting department. Who should be named insured and who can be excluded? Is an insurable interest required? 


CA – Flagship and Voyager

TX – Range

At Carnegie, we understand these difficulties and we try to make it easy as possible. Here are some frequently asked questions about Carnegie’s underwriting procedure for vehicle registration:

  • California, Texas, or Out of State (U.S. Only) – Current or Expired
  • Any household member over the age of 18
  • NO. Please be sure all vehicles are garaged at the same address and add or exclude any registered owner names on the policy.
  • NO. However, all registered owners, if not a listed driver, must be excluded on policy.
  • Yes
  • NO. Regardless of registration status, no proof of current registration is required. However, if a vehicle identification number (VIN) is unverifiable, our underwriting department may request a registration.
  • A copy of a sales contract or signed title is acceptable for a new business application, however a vehicle registration will be requested by our underwriting department with a 30 day notice for a California application submission or a 15 day notice for a Texas submission.


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