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For several years Carnegie General Insurance has offered electronic signature processing in our EZ PASS bridge system. Are you taking advantage of this work saver?

Historically, our industry has been known for requiring mountains of paperwork. It was not that long ago that writing a single auto insurance application was a time consuming and inefficient process which included pre-printed multi-page applications, polaroid photographs and numerous supporting documents. Thankfully, technology and innovation have enabled us to simplify and improve data collection, dramatically reducing our reliance on physical documents.

Many insurers now accept electronic submission of applications, EFT funds transfers and emailing of supporting documents, eliminating much of the need for an agency to photocopy and mail documents. But many, if not most, insurance carriers have not automated the signature process and accordingly still requires an agency to print the application and obtain signatures from the applicant.

Get rid of some of the clutter, sign applications electronically today!

Carnegie General introduced electronic signature (eSignature) processing on our EZ PASS bridge system more than two years ago to acquire and transmit application signatures. This feature eliminates the need to print and sign application pages and automatically emails a copy of the completed application to Carnegie, your customer and your agency. For those agencies already using our eSignature process, we commend and thank you for utilizing this feature. If your agency is not currently using our eSignature process, we strongly encourage you to try it out. We think you will be impressed with the ease of use and time saving benefits.

For your convenience we have created and included a step by step tutorial on our eSignature process which can be found here.


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