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Carnegie Photo Manager

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Introducing the Carnegie Photo Manager

At Carnegie General we recognize that a user-friendly system is key to success in the insurance industry. That is why we continually strive to innovate and to improve our existing systems to enhance user experience. With our EZ PASS new business submission system, full-featured producer and consumer website, and the recently introduced E-signature signing options, doing business with Carnegie has never been easier. Submitting vehicle photos, however, has remained a time consuming, multi-step process and has been an area of concern voiced by our producers. We heard you.


     We are, therefore, proud and pleased to introduce the Carnegie Photo Manager. This new feature on Carnegie’s producer portal makes obtaining and transmitting vehicle photos efficient and easy. There is no application to install, and photos can be transmitted from any web enabled device. Simply enter an email address of the insured or agent taking the vehicle photos and the Photo Manager will send an email containing a link to our Photo Manager page. The easy-to-use Photo Manger will guide the user through the process of taking proper vehicle photos, facilitate their transmission to the corresponding policy file on our system, confirm receipt, and store the photos for review on our website. If the photos were previously taken and saved on a device, a browse and attach function is available as well.

We hope this enhancement will make submitting photos a fast and convenient process for your agency and customers. Give the Carnegie Photo Manager a try on your next Carnegie submission!

For a quick reference guide on how to use the Photo Manager, click here:


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